Bitcoin Profit Review

My team and I have been following software development news for so long to know that not all information put out on the internet is correct. Some users can condemn a product without proper assessment. This is one of the reasons we have organized this team of professionals and tech enthusiasts to do reviews for products that look very promising.

Thanks to everyone for comments and accolades for our past work. This time our focus is on the Bitcoin Profit. We will be reviewing its features and analyzing some of the information put out on the internet to confirm if they are true or not.

Overall, at the end of this review, we aim to clarify if the Bitcoin Profit software can be trusted or not.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

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The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Is Bitcoin Profit Legit? Yes

First, let’s give an overview of the Bitcoin Profit to enlighten readers who have not heard about the software. The Bitcoin profit is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. It is particularly designed to trade the Bitcoin, which is by far the most valuable cryptocurrency; however, during this review, we learned that some selected cryptos could be traded with this software.

The Bitcoin Profit works with an intelligent algorithm run by robots. The software detects and monitors favorable prices of cryptocurrency to give users leverage by buying when the price is low and selling immediately the price appreciates making a profit. The system offers an estimated win ration of about 92%.

Bitcoin Profit Review

From my knowledge, I understand that the best trading decisions in cryptocurrency are made when the trader has a good means of monitoring market trends to speculate the rise or fall in cryptocurrency prices. Also, there are crucial signals to watch, which determine the potentials of making profits from a trade. However, with software such as the Bitcoin Profit, these processes are automated, which takes care of much work for beginners who want to start trading in cryptocurrency.

Our attention was drawn to the Bitcoin Profit after seeing many positive claims from current users who indicate the software has helped them earn more money as traders. However, many people in the audience are skeptical, hence the need for a comprehensive review to ascertain the true possibilities with the software.

For this review, we came prepared. My team and I had set aside real money to test the Bitcoin Profit and determine if it really works. Thankfully, the outcome of this test was positive, and we are happy to announce that we earned some profits after testing the system with real money.

Unverified claims online have made it necessary to test all software advertised for trading cryptocurrency. This is an area many investors are interested in considering the potentials to make money and grow passive income. This is every trader's dream. There are risks considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, but the risks can be mitigated when the trader knows how the system works. From our assessment, Bitcoin Profit offers all traders a potential means to grow and sustain a passive income. It is at the level of other notable trading software such as the Bitcoin Code and CryptoSoft. We can affirm this from our findings after actual tests. The system has been simplified to enable new and experienced traders to gain profit without necessarily going through stress, thanks to the automated trading feature.

Is Bitcoin Profit Scam or Not: The Verdict!

  1. We confirmed the high conversion rate attributed to the ease of use and intelligent robots that run the software, users of the Bitcoin Profit can gain much profit.
  2. It is best to start trading with the minimum investment of $250, to lower the risks in the volatile cryptocurrency market. We confirmed that it is possible to make a significant profit even with the minimum deposit.
  3. Our tests affirmed that the system does offer an impressive 92% success rate!
  4. Click this link to check it out for yourself; we have included more details about our tests and findings below.

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What is Bitcoin Profit?

Simply put the Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading software that can closely monitor the cryptocurrency market signals to identify market trends that are favorable to traders. With the Bitcoin Profit, users can make significant profits every day by buying cryptos at a low price and selling when the price increases. The Bitcoin Profit was invented by John Mayers; it has gained market popularity because the software works faster than the regular market indices by 0.01 seconds. This is how users leverage the Bitcoin Profit to earn more daily.

Users don’t need to be expert traders to start making profits with the Bitcoin Profit. The automated system relies on signals and daily trends, which are closely monitored and speculated to determine the best time to buy and sell crypto. Hence, the software does all the work while users can sit back and count their earnings. The system is similar to the Bitcoin Trader; another automated trading software that works excellently. Even with the average uncertainties in the market, the intelligent robots that run the Bitcoin Profit software remarkably increase the chances of every user to earn more passive income.

Since its invention, cryptocurrency trading has helped many traders earn much profit and become millionaires overnight. The early users of the automated system have set the pace while new users can enjoy the benefits of systems such as Bitcoin Profit which have already been tested and trusted. With this review, we hope to present accurate information that can help market speculators make a better decision regarding the automated software to use for trading cryptos.Bitcoin Profit key features

This particular review of the Bitcoin Profit was easy for my team to start and complete because the system is so transparent. Everything has been laid out bare for users to study and understand how automated trading features work. The trading signals are provided for free, and the software handles all the trading processes with the input from experienced brokers who have been registered on the system. I think it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the earning opportunities in the cryptocurrency market because signing up for a Bitcoin Profit account is free. We were impressed with the amount of free information presented on the Bitcoin Profit's homepage.

The package and its amazing transparency made our task easy. We know that the developers are committed to improving the software to give all users more leverage in the market. The Bitcoin Profit system is sustained from the commission received when users make a profit. We think it is fair; after all, users barely lift a finger to do anything after making a deposit.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Creating a Bitcoin Profit Account

This was a good experience for my team and I; we were able to start and complete the registration process in minutes. Here is a step by step guide on how we did it.

  • Registration

We decided to make it easy for everyone who would like to set up an account by including a link, click here to register your account with Bitcoin Profit. A form was provided on the website, and we completed it to begin the registration process. The information required includes our name, email address, and phone number. Then we were prompted to set a password. You should ensure a secure password is used at this stage to protect your account. After saving our password, an account was created and linked to a broker. All this happened in less than three minutes. The brokers’ job is to monitor the trading activities on our account to ensure we make a profit. Next, we had to make a deposit.

  • Deposit

We were happy to see that many alternatives have been provided to enable users to easily make a deposit.

Options such as MasterCard, MerchantPay, SafePay, Visa, GiroPay, and other Debit card options are available to make a deposit. We selected our preferred option, and our account was credited in seconds. For this review, we chose to start with the minimum deposit of $250 to testthe system. Thankfully, the outcome was very good.

  • Demo trading

The developers of this software have added a demo account on the website. A demo account allows users to perform simulated trades without using real money. Demo accounts help users to test the system and understand how it works before depositing real money to start trading. We were happy about this; every user can check the processes to know if it is suitable. We gave it a trial, the demo mode is fast and excellent, and we recommend that users try it too.

For our experience with demo trading, we set the deposit at $1,500, remember this is not real money, just for demo trading to test the system. Using the auto trade features, everything was easy. The Bitcoin Profit software automatically processed our trading pairs, and we made profits even on the demo account. It was enough motivation to try the real thing, and we were excited.

  • Live trading

After experiencing how the software works from our demo trading experience, we were ready to start trading with real money. First, we needed to activate the auto trade feature and set risk limits to avoid loss. Risk management was done with the Stop loss feature. To get this done, we simply had to click on the auto trade tab on the dashboard.

Next, we selected our preferred cryptocurrency trading pairs with the available cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin; the options are BTC/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, ETHH/USD, and cryptos can also be matched together.

Everything was easy because of the excellent layout of the dashboard. All we needed was displayed on the screen; the website also featured help buttons in case we needed to contact the customer support team.Bitcoin Profit how it works

Is a Bitcoin Wallet Required for Live Trades?

We received this question many times, so it is important that we address it. No, there is no need to have a Bitcoin wallet before you can start using the Bitcoin Profit software. The trades are done with crypto, but users deposit and earn real money-USD. Earnings can then be converted to local currency and withdrawn to the provided bank accounts. We think this is a very convenient arrangement, and it makes it easier for every user to start using the software without the additional costs of paying for a Bitcoin wallet.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Important Features of the Bitcoin Profit


We were particularly interested in the payout structure because this is how many users earn. In determining the credibility of the payout system, we had to test it live. After depositing the minimum $250 and trading live, we earned an impressive profit and initiated a withdrawal, which was a smooth process. Averagely, from our calculations, every user can earn as much as $1,300 every day using the Bitcoin profit automated trading software.

Verification System

To ascertain the information provided during registration, verification is done. We were required to verify the email address and phone number we provided. This process was quick and stress-free. We found it convenient that the verification process was brief yet effective, no need to provide utility bills or work IDs. It is, however, important to carefully enter bank account details to ensure you get credited quickly.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We discovered that withdrawals could be made at any time during the day or at night. This is also very convenient for all users. Our first withdrawal was processed within 24-hours, which seemed very fair.


We also carefully checked our accounts to know if any hidden costs had been deducted without our knowledge. Thankfully, we can affirm that the system is 100% transparent. There were no hidden charges; the only deduction made from our account was 1% after we had made a profit from the live trade. The amount was so small, and we were happy to share, after all, making the profit was so easy because of the effective software. We were impressed with the system, accurate and seamless transaction yet no hidden fees unlike other software in the market.

Feedback system

The feedback system we noticed on the website includes testimonials from current users and options to make inquiries or suggestions. We think this is smart; it is important to know what the users think about the software and suggest ways for improvement. Our feedback was glowing; we had a great experience using the software and made a profit. If we continue using the software, we are guaranteed to make more profit every day. From the testimonials on the website, we see that many other users are enjoying similar benefits as well.

Customer Support

We also tested the customer support features to confirm that all users can get assistance 24/7. This was correct as advertised; we connected with the customer support team during the day and at night. The staff were helpful and seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of the system to help us every time we used the customer support feature. However, it was just a test, and there was no real emergency or issue because the software works seamlessly.


The brokers affiliated with the system manage the deposited funds and ensure that all assets and trades placed through their accounts are processed quickly.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Profit Versus other Robots

We made a brief comparison between Bitcoin Profit and other automated trading robots to highlight some of the advantages of Bitcoin we have uncovered during this review. Our findings are presented below:

Bitcoin Profit Other bitcoin robots
Bitcoin Profit Logo
✅Bitcoin Profit offers a win ratio above 85%. ❌ Unverified win ration for prospective trades.
✅ It takes only 24-hours to process withdrawals on the Bitcoin Profit platform. ❌Long withdrawal processes, sometimes it takes as long as ten days to complete a withdrawal.
✅ Quick registration process completed in minutes. ❌Hectic registration process, some platforms require information such as passport details, utility bills, bank information, making the process too long.
✅ Demo trade features for new and experienced users to test the system. ❌No demo accounts or information to help new users understand how automated cryptocurrency trading works. It is easy for users to make wrong decisions and lose money.
✅Wide range of deposit and payment options for convenience. ❌Inadequate customer support for assisting users when needed.

How to Earn More with Bitcoin Profit

We can confirm that every user stands a golden opportunity to earn on this platform because we tested it and made a profit. Our experience has been enlightening, and we will like to state some of the processes we took to earn on the platform as a guide to new users who will like to start trading Bitcoins and grow their passive income. Cryptocurrency trading is lucrative; your chances of earning are higher when you use software that has been tested and comprehensively reviewed. This is what we set out to achieve, to confirm if this software really works.

Our findings have been impressive, and we commend the efforts of the developers behind the Bitcoin profit who have designed a platform that everyone can sign up for free and start earning.

Here are the steps to consider as a new user:

  • Start with the minimum investment. It is best to start with a minimum investment of $250. This way, you can study your first trade and understand the system better. Starting with the minimum investment also helps you decide the next deposit you make. However, the higher deposit can significantly increase the payout.
  • Withdraw profit. It is also a great idea to withdraw your profit, leaving the capital to continue the cycle of increasing your passive income.
  • Read more about automated cryptocurrency trading. There is so much information out there about cryptocurrency trading that can help you understand the system and make better decisions. We found much information before doing this review and encourage every user out there to continue learning from the experts.
  • Careful investments. The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile; this means even when you start earning much money, it is best to invest only what you can afford to lose. It is not advisable to invest your entire life savings as there are risks to consider.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin Profit?

After our extensive review of the Bitcoin Profit, we have the answer to this question many people ask. There are so many claims by different automated trading platforms of high conversion and performance. These are just claims until they have been verified. We are happy to state that the Bitcoin Profit has been reviewed, tested, and confirmed to be among the top automated platforms for trading Bitcoin. Here are some of the reasons this platform impressed us during the review;

  • Responsive and user-friendly software. Our experience with the Bitcoin Profit software has been seamless and very encouraging. We like the algorithm and how its features respond during use. It is an effective platform that can be used by everyone without any particular training in cryptocurrency trading without having a Bitcoin wallet.
  • High win ratio. From our live trading experience, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Profit has a high win ratio. We calculated and estimated the success rate to be about 90%, which is similar to the projections advertised on the website. The earning opportunities are higher because a deposit of $250 can be split into ten smaller transactions of $25 to increase the earning potentials of the user.
  • Demo account and tutorials. It is a great idea to include a demo account on the platform. Many other trading platforms do not offer demo accounts. This is yet another feature that convinced us of the developer’s commitment to promoting a transparent system that will be mutually beneficial for users and the system. New and experienced users can increase their knowledge and make better decisions by using the demo trading mode and studying the tutorials.
  • 24/7 Customer support. We tested the effectiveness of the customer support system, and it is impressive. When necessary, users can connect with the team in minutes and get the assistance they need.
Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Has Bitcoin Profit been featured in the Media?

While preparing to start our review of the Bitcoin Profit, we found some content online that suggest Bitcoin is affiliated with popular TV shows and celebrities who have endorsed the software. These claims had no links for further verification, so we decided to confirm their authenticity.

Dragon’s Den

Some of the content we found online indicated that the Bitcoin Profit is strongly affiliated with the TV show Dragons Den. Well, our findings show that this is not true, at least not yet. Since the beginning of the TV show, there have been no mentions or direct affiliation with the Bitcoin Profit.

Shark Tank

The TV show Shark Tank is another program that has been linked to the Bitcoin profit as a proposed endorsement. However, we have found out this information is not true. It is just a rumor.

We believe the people who post the false information online are attempting to attract a larger crowd to use their software, from the perspective that if TV shows are affiliated with automated trading software, any of the products is safe for investment.Bitcoin Profit members

Celebrity endorsements?

We also investigated the claims that some celebrities and successful entrepreneurs have endorsed Bitcoin Profit publicly. Here’s what we found out;

Bill Gates

Bill Gates comments that indicate he believes cryptocurrency can be better than the currency we use has been somewhat twisted to insinuate he has endorsed automated trading software such as Bitcoin Profit. But this is not true; we have not found any proof that Bill Gates has mentioned or encouraged others to use the software.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has openly declared he is impressed with the Bitcoin and the new opportunities it brings to the market. While he is a fan of the cryptocurrency, Sir Branson has no known investment or affiliation with the Bitcoin profit as some people have suggested online.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya is the genius behind AOL; he is also a smart investor in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin holdings. However, it should be noted that cryptocurrency is his private investment, while others can confidently invest in Bitcoins following the decision of such a smart and successful investor, there is no proof that Chamath Palihapitiya has endorsed the Bitcoin profit publicly.

Gordon Ramsay

The British billionaire and serial entrepreneur have also been linked with the Bitcoin profit as an investor and supporter. This news is also false. We did find out that Gordon Ramsay plans to take legal action against people who are posting such information on the media.

While there is so much useful information online, it is best to visit only verified websites known to post only accurate information. It is easy to know when an information is correct; there will be links and quotes from the people involved. This is why we do comprehensive reviews to ensure the public has a reliable source of information to help them make better investment decisions.

Should we expect a Mobile App for Bitcoin Profit?

We searched the iOS and Android online stores, but we did not find any app for the Bitcoin Profit. An app will be great for this software; however, the platform can be accessed via any browser on mobile devices or computers.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Our Conclusion

The earning potentials in the cryptocurrency market are now apparent. However, many people are not sure how to start earning; this is why automated trading software such as the Bitcoin Profit has been developed. There are still skepticisms about the software and its benefits, hence the need for this review. Trading in Bitcoins is an easy way to grow passive income consistently, and after this extensive review and tests, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Profit is one of the best means to trade Bitcoins and earn impressive profits with little effort.

It is true some people have had losses and bad experience using automated trading bots, from our discoveries, that can only happen when the users did not fully understand how automated trading works. It is therefore important that users only register on platforms such as Bitcoin Profit where they have access to demo trading platforms, tutorials and a tested automated trading platform that is guaranteed to help them earn much more profits.

We recommend Bitcoin Profit to everyone based on our personal experience and earnings during the tests we carried out. The system offers all users, regardless of experience, a chance to earn profits trading Bitcoins with very little effort. The system handles the entire process after a deposit has been made.

Give it a trial, start your experience trading Bitcoins, we are confident, your testimonial will be up on the homepage in a few days.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice
☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • Does the Bitcoin Profit really have a high win ratio?

Yes, we can confirm this from a personal experience using the software. Our calculations revealed a high win ration above 90% for all trades.

  • Have any celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Profit?

We checked the claims and can state that at this time, there is no public endorsement of the Bitcoin Profit by any celebrities.

  • Can I withdraw Bitcoins from My Bitcoin Profit account to a crypto wallet?

No, this will not be possible. While the system trades Bitcoins, deposits and payout are done with real money in your local currency. This means you can earn money passively without having any particular experience as a Bitcoin trader.

  • Is Bitcoin Profit affiliated with any other automated cryptocurrency trading platform?

Bitcoin Profit is an independent platform, and there are no affiliations with other trading platforms. The names might be similar, that is because many trading platforms are focused on the Bitcoin, which is the most valuable and common cryptocurrency in the market. Always ensure you are on the authentic website for the Bitcoin Profit before starting your registration. You can get started by following this link.

  • What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency traded and managed through a decentralized system called the Blockchain which reduces potential online risks. The Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is remotely mined by thousands of miners all over the world to ensure transactions done using Bitcoin are fast and reliable.

  • Are there any particular requirements before the Bitcoin Profit can be used?

The platform is open to the public. Users do not need to have any training or certification in cryptocurrency trading before they can start earning. We tested the automated trading feature on the Bitcoin profit; it is seamless and reliable. Everyone can use it, after making a deposit, the system handles the entire trading activities, makes a profit, and the user's account is credited.

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